Saturday, July 15, 2006

Summer NAMM '06 Review

Summer NAMM is in full swing this weekend, and I checked in with Carey Nordstrand for our usual mid-NAMM "state of the convention" discussion. First, for those who are not aware, NAMM stands for the National Association of Music Merchants. The NAMM convention is a trade show that is held twice a year (typically, the smaller show is in the summer and the larger show is held during the winter), and is usually where music manufacturers debut new gear, showcase their product lines, and rub elbows with folks in the music industry (artists, dealers, distributors, etc.). I generally hit the summer show, as the winter show in California is an all-out free-for-all circus. But, this year I was unable to attend. Admittance at NAMM conventions was historically limited to industry members only, but this has changed in recent years. More and more people are showing up from the "general public" as the admittance policy continues to evolve. So if you get a chance, I would recommend that you check it out. Whether you go to a summer or winter session, it is an interesting experience and is a great chance to pilfer tons of great gear.'s just plain fun!

But...enough about some silly convention and back to the original point of this post! I was really encouraged to hear the excitement and optimism in Carey's voice. Risking your welfare and the welfare of your family on the success or failure of a small business is stressful, and taking on a couple of hard-working and extremely valuable employees (as Carey has done in recent months) due to the success and growth of said business, while a necessary step in the growth process, just seems to increase the stakes and level of responsibility! One of Carey's main purposes in attending the show this year was to officially debut the new line of Nordy basses that are currently available at Blueberry Hill. We have been working on the Nordy project for almost two years now, and it is great to see things finally coming to fruition. We wanted to offer a Nordstrand bass that didn't take so long to build and that was also more affordable to more players. Based on the rave reviews Carey has been getting at the show, we seem to be succeeding. Ed Friedland, Senior Editor of Bass Guitar magazine, stopped by and had some extremely positive things to say about the Nordy line. The reaction from everyone who has actually picked one up and played it has been very encouraging, and I would guess that these basses will be putting a lot of smiles on a lot of faces in the months and years to come. My friend Dan just recently took possession of one of the first Nordy NJ5s ever made. You can read his review here.

Now...if Carey would only finish MY Nordy! Patience, self....patience!


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