Friday, July 28, 2006

How Do I Know What's In Stock?

Well, you look at the Basses page, of course. But…it seems as if there might be some ambiguity floating around out there in the “bass world”, with due cause, as to how often the Blueberry Hill Bass site is updated. So, I thought that I would clear things up.

Any bass that you see photos of on the “in stock” page at the Blueberry Hill site is physically “in stock” and is available for purchase. Similarly, if you do not see a bass listed, then we do not have it. With only one or two rare exceptions, we only carry products from the builders that we represent (Benavente, Dingwall, F Bass, Mike Lull, Nordstrand, and Roscoe), and do not carry anything else. So…if you’re looking for a Warwick Thumb, a Monster cable, or an Eden combo, we probably aren’t going to be able to help out. In addition to basses that are in stock, we also list basses that are on order on the Basses page, but indicate that these instruments are in the process of being build by adding “coming soon” near the top of the spec list. These basses are also available for purchase, and we list them because occasionally someone will want to buy an instrument before it is completed, ensuring that they don’t lose out to someone else once the bass is completed.

Likewise, if a bass is listed in the Sold Basses Gallery, it has been sold and is no longer available. This page serves as an inspirational source for custom projects. It enables players to see what has been done in the past and what might be possible for future projects. It also gives us a chance to display custom order basses commissioned by customers that otherwise would not be featured on the Basses page.

Most importantly, the key thing to understand is that the Blueberry Hill website is regularly updated and maintained. New photos are posted as soon as a bass arrives (usually within hours), and photo and specs are moved to the Sold Basses Gallery as soon as an instrument is sold. This is the most equitable way to do things, so that everyone has the same fair shot at any given bass until it is actually sold. I realize that the vast majority of music store sites are poorly designed and are not updated in a timely manner. In fact, some may be months, if not years, out of date. This is irresponsible, is indicative of poor customer service, and is obviously not in line with being focused on the customer and his/her needs. I develop all of the content and make all of the updates for the Blueberry Hill Bass site myself and want to ensure that my customers have the most accurate, up-to-date information as possible. This goes hand-in-hand with an overall commitment to customer service and satisfaction that has made Blueberry Hill so successful and so valued by bass players and bass enthusiasts around the world.


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