Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kurt's & Eli's Basses Nearing Completion

Kurt's Roscoe SKB 3006 is coming along very nicely. This bass will feature a number of unique items, including a 34" scale neck, Nordstrand dual coil pickups with exposed pole pieces and custom ebony covers, and a custom finish. Kurt wanted a blueburt finish, but only on the top. The back will be natural swamp ash, and you can just barely see where the finish ends and the natural wood begins on this photo (left/end pin side of body). It's like I always say...if you're going to get a Roscoe, you may as well get one that's going to "stand out"!

Eli has been patiently waiting for his Nordstrand NJ5 Custom for quite some time, and his wait is almost over. I belive that this is the first, and only, NJ5 Custom P/J fretless, so not only is Eli getting an incredible instrument, but he is also getting a one-of-a-kind. The zebrawood top really turned out well. Even thought we thought that it woudl be good, I'm not sure if anyone (except for Eli) thought that it would be quite THIS good! I am really impressed with how this bass turned out, and the dark streaks in the top go great with the ebony fingerboard and black hardware.

Check the Blueberry Hill Sold Basses Gallery soon for completed photos of these basses.

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Blogger Eli Maniscalco said...

The finish on Kurt's bass looks quite amazing. My bass is also shaping up nicely.

4:11 PM  

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