Sunday, June 17, 2007

Keith Roscoe...Better Than Ever!

We just received two exceptional Roscoe Century Signature Vs from Keith Roscoe that were so exceptional that they really made me sit up and take notice of a trend that has been occurring over the last 3-4 years. It occurred to me that, despite the challenge in doing so, Keith Roscoe continues to build a better bass each time out. In fact, the last few Roscoes that I have received have been as good as any Roscoe (or any other bass for that matter), that I have ever played!

Granted, this is not to say that Keith's previous basses have not been up to snuff. That simply isn't the case. However, what's really impressive is that Keith has been able to maintain exceptionally quality standards despite the challenge of only having a handful of employees AND in spite of their tremendous growth over the last few years. Anyone can keep quality high when demand is low. However, the demand for Keith's outstanding basses is greater than it has ever been, and they're making more basses per month than they have ever made. This is why I'm so impressed by the basses that I recently received from Keith. Despite all of the challenges that he may be experiencing due to the success and popularity of this instruments, they're just as great NOW as they have ever been!

We have a couple of great LG 3005s in stock that offer the hallmarks of a Roscoe bass...super-thick tone and great playability. Similarly, the two Century Sigs that just arrived this past week are some of the most unique and visually impressive basses that we have received in a while. Keith's desire to push the envelope, his interest in continually exploring new woods and electronics, and the precision and consistency with which the entire process is executed makes specing-out, ordering, receiving, and playing a Roscoe about as much fun as one person should be allowed to have!



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