Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The New Web Site...Unveiled! looks like I'm about 2 weeks behind on this big announcement, but I thought that I would go ahead and make an official announcement anyway (just in case anyone hadn't noticed). Insert "smiley" of your choice here. After much thought, and a lot of plotting and scheming behind the scenes, I finally decide that it was time to update the internet home of Blueberry Hill. The site turned 3 years old back in September, and while that version served its purpose very well, I couldn't ignore the fact any longer that BHB had simply outgrown the site. Up until the recent changes, I still received remarkably positive comments on the site on a regular basis. My intent in rolling out some of the changes outlined below was to keep the clean look and feel of the site that people seemed to love so much while adding more useful information and relevant content. I also wanted to create a home for BHB that will allow for grow into this site as things continue to progress, and I also wanted to create a layout that was quicker and easier to navigate...where everything had its own place. I hope that I have succeeded in my mission.

As for the improvements themselves, we now have dedicated pages for Nordstrand pickups and for this blog. In fact, the Blueberry Hill Blog has essentially replaced the old "News" section. This is where you can get more "formal" news announcement (like that we have added Dingwall Strings, Lull Strings, Peterson Tuners, and George Ls Cables to the assortment of bass-related items that we keep in stock) as well as more "informal" tid-bits of information, such as new bass arrivals and updates on custom bass projects that have been commissioned by our customers.

Another notable upgrade is that each bass builder now has his own dedicated page. All of the basses that you see on the "In Stock" page are, in fact, in stock and available for purchase. Since the site is updated regularly, you can rest assured that if you see a bass listed for sale, it is still available. Each builder also has his own Sold Gallery as well, so you can check out basses that have already been sold and can see projects that were commissioned by customers. Not only is it fun to just look at high-end, hand-crafted custom basses, but you might also see something that will spark an idea for a custom instrument of your own.

Lastly, the creation of the accessories page allows us to feature bass-related items that were previously unavailable at Blueberry Hill. I will dedicate future blog entries to Peterson Tuners and George Ls cables specifically, but can proudly say that it is a thrill to be representing such great companies that make such outstanding products for bass players and all musicians alike.

Stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks. Although I took a couple of weeks off here as of late, a LOT will be going on over the holiday season. We just received a new 4-string Nordy and a Dingwall Super J in today (photos will be up soon), and we are expecting a couple of new Roscoes next week. Things are starting to get pretty exciting around here, and these new arrivals are just the tip of the iceberg!


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