Friday, November 03, 2006

Changes Coming Soon To Blueberry Hill

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been hard at work on revisions, updates, and overall improvements on the Blueberry Hill website. The current version of the site has served its purpose well over the last three years, but I'm afraid that BHB has really outgrown it. This, of course, is a GOOD thing, but in my opinion, is something that needs to be addressed...and the sooner the better.

I still love the look, feel, and usefulness of the site. I'm amazed at how much great feedback I still receive on the overall look and flow of the site. Therefore, all of the elements that have made the site so great will not be changing. But, while the site will still look the same, things will be a bit more compartmentalized. Each bass builder will now have his own dedicated page showcasing the basses that we have in stock and the basses from that builder that have previously been sold (basses that were previously in stock and instruments that were custom ordered). There will be a dedicated page for pickups, and we will also have a page for accessories. Stay tuned for more information regarding some of the new brands that we are now representing.

Because I have received so much positive feedback about this blog, I have also decided to feature it more prominently on the site. In fact, this blog will now be the primary source for BHB news, as the old news section will soon be removed from the site completely. I will also be reworking and updating most of the text for the other pages. Overall, the changes that are being implemented should increase the amount of useful information on the site and will make it easier to quickly navigate from section to section. There may be a few other improvements in the works (top secret stuff, right now), but at present, we're just taking things one step at a time.


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