Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Roscoe Tops On Reserve (and Mark's Ziracote Roscoe)

It seems as if this blog has suddently become devoted to all things Roscoe! The body and neck shown above are for Mark's Roscoe SKB 3006 that is nearing completion. It features an outstanding piece of Ziracote (with a touch of sapwood) for the fingerboard, and the body is a 3-piece (becoming somewhat of a BHB trademark since we first did it on a stunning LG 3005 that is featured in the Sold Basses Gallery). The body wings are book-matched Ziracote and the center section is flamed maple. The color scheme is very balanced, the lookis unique an original (a true "one-of-a-kind"), and it will have killer tone as well. That's a winning combination!

Ziracote is one of my favorite tone woods. It has been used as a substitute for Brazilian rosewood (aka "The Kind of Tonewoods") in the high-end acoustic guitar market for years, and I love the unique color and grain pattern that the wood displays. It isn't easy to come by, but I'm hoping to use it on more Roscoe projects in the future. In fact, we just reserved out second ziracote top today!

And speaking of tops, we also reserved a handful of other excellent pieces that are available for future Roscoe custom projects. Scroll to the end of the Roscoe section on the Basses page at the Blueberry Hill site for photos of the thuya burl, ziracote, flamed katalox, and imbuia burl that we now have on reserve. These tops are all "top shelf" and will make for some unique and incredibly beautiful custom instruments.



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