Thursday, October 05, 2006

Two New Homes For Two New Fs

I just received a call from my customer Dominick yesterday letting me know that his new BN5 has arrived. We will probably be arguing for years trying to determine who was more floored when the case was opened for the first time! I have had the privilege of seeing and playing a lot of great basses, but this BN5 might have one of the most insanely over-the-top tops I have ever seen. And the amazing thing is that the fingerboard is just as ridiculous! Dominick is a very satisfied customer, his expectations were exceeded (which is what we shoot for at Blueberry Hill), and this bass will go down in F Bass history as one of the finest ever made. The photos posted in the Sold Gallery do NOT do this bass justice.

While Dominick decided to go with a BN5 tricked out to the max, Matt wanted to go with a BN4 that was more understated…but ground-breaking in its own right. Matt had been talking to me about getting a BN4 for years, and he finally decided to pull the trigger on the very nice trans red bass shown above. The unique thing about Matt’s bass is that this is the first time that George has not matched the pickup covers to the body. I thought that it was a great idea to match the covers to the fingerboard and really liked how this one turned out. This is a great look and should work equally well for blue, black, and green colors as well. In fact, I liked this look so much that I decided to apply it to the spalted topped BN5 that we currently have under construction.



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