Monday, January 29, 2007

Winter NAMM Recap.

It seems as if another winter N.A.M.M convention has come and gone yet again, and this year's show seems to have been quite a good one. A lot of new, interesting products were introduced, and many of the Blueberry Hill builders attended and had very good shows. The usual suspects were there, as Chris Benavente, Sheldon Dingwall, George Furlanetto/F Bass, Mike Lull, and Carey Nordstrand all showcased their amazing talents. Mike Lull introduced a new model...the M4VXL. This new addition to the Lull family is a 24 fret 4-string featuring the modern M5 body style with a 5A figured maple top. I'm sure this will make 24 fret jazz fans very happy!

Carey Nordstrand also had an outstanding show. Last year, we debuted a couple of Nordy vJ prototypes. This year, we "officially" unveiled the line in it's final version. This is a project that I am extremely proud of. It took 2 years developing, colaborating, plotting, scheming, and ironing out the details to get everything right, but the Nordy vJ basses are an amazing value and went over BIG at the show! Also, I can't forget to mention the success of the Nordstrand pickup line either. Sometimes, I think that the pickup line gets more attention that Carey's amazing basses do! Many high-end builders have already adopted Nordstrand pickups as their pickup of choice, and many other builders are now offering them as factory options. Based on some of the conversations that took place over the NAMM weekend, I have a feeling that you will be seeing Nordstrand pickups available on even more "big name" basses in the coming year.

Now...only a few more months before everyone starts preparing for the next NAMM show!

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